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Hot Off The Press! New E-Book(PDF)

Will The Future Workplace Still Need You? (PDF E-Book)
An essential career survival guide for the imminent future
By Kazim Ladimeji MCIPD


Today's workplace is about to go through massive change, on a scale we have not seen before, as robots start to replace human workers at an unprecedented pace.

Your job is probably at risk of being replaced by a robot, but, to be sure you should read this book, which pulls together some of the latest research and thinking into this topic. By the end of this book you will know just how at risk your job is of being replaced by a robot. You will know if the future workplace will still need you, or if you're in a career dead-end.



HRZone.com Reviewed on 29th October in HRZone.com, which is one of the leading and most reputable HR online communities. The opening sentence of the review is shown below to give you a taster: Described by the author as an essay this slim, self-published book will give you food for thought after its 45 minute read...Click here to read the full review.



About the Author

Kazim Ladimeji is a graduate of Sussex University in the UK, where he studied Biochemistry and Neuroscience. Kazim is also a qualified member of the UK's Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Kazim is currently a practising Human Resources (HR) Consultant, and has worked as a HR professional for eighteen years within the technology and market research sector.

Since going freelance four years ago, Kazim has branched out by developing his own successful HR and careers blog: thecareercafe.co.uk, and is a resident writer for the leading US recruitment journal: recruiter.com, with one of his articles having been published in Time Magazine. Kazim is also an occasional research analyst for the bestpracticeinstitute.com. Kazim writes about careers and HR topics and specialises in workplace futurology and new ways of working.

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