9 Tips To Create A Profitable Co-Working Space

Bunch of DollarsAs the gig economy takes off, more and more people are choosing to ditch their inner city or inner factory careers and go it alone as freelancers. Many, of course, are being pushed into freelancing. This upsurge in home-working, freelance entrepreneurs creates a massive business opportunity for commercial property management innovators to create a hub, a communal work-space where isolated freelancer can come together for social comfort and to collaborate. This highly disruptive trend is known as co-working and rather than have a one-company-one-office model, it operates as a flexible hub that multiple freelancers can operate from, separately. These co-working spaces are a new, disruptive type of office and it will take a new, disruptive breed of entrepreneur to make one work.

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Downloadable Job Applicant Tracking Excel Template

Manage Your Next Hiring Campaign Easily with This Downloadable Applicant Tracking Excel Template

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How to Find a Supplier or Producer for Your New Business Idea

dreamstime_xs_20095916With job security and employment continuity coming increasingly under threat as a result of forces such as off-shoring, protectionism and technological automation, it’s no surprise to see a rise in career self-determinism and entrepreneurship. More and more of us are looking to take control of this uncertain employment landscape by going it alone. It’s not just millennials who are starting their own ventures, but babyboomers too, as research shows that over 43% of entrepreneurs are over 50. It’s no surprise really, as older professionals have accumulated more management experience, more powerful contacts and may have more ready access to funding.

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Rebooting Your Recruiting Process

dreamstime_xs_32940184The most important element of a successful business is its employees. People are the cogs which keep the organisation running like a well-oiled piece of machinery, and if you fail to recruit people who are team players, all their qualifications and experience will mean nothing at the end of the day. It’s the determination and willingness to work as a successful member of the company which truly matters. Still, it’s hard for an employer to tell how successful a potential employee will be until they see them in action, so here are some tips to help you nail the recruitment process and avoid any regrets with regards to hiring mistakes down the line. Continue reading

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