StaffTRAK HR Dashboard: HR Database and Dashboard

Manage Your Employee Data Easily with This Downloadable, Excel Based HR Database and Dashboard.

If you have a small business of up to 50 employees, you can use this smart Excel template — loaded with time saving macros and formulas — to manage staff information and report on HR Key Performance Indicators.  It will give you an up-to-date view of your employee performance, attendance levels, average tenure and many other KPIs. 

  • Download immediately after purchase

  • Loaded with time-saving macros

  • Track all employees also

  • Data-packed Digital dashboard

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Want To Work For Yourself? The Handyman Can

If you want to work for yourself and make money without having a boss breathing down your neck, there is one option that makes the most sense. You should become a handyman. As a handyman, you’ll be completing a wide range of different DIY jobs on properties. This could be in homes or for businesses, but the important thing to realize is that you’ll be working with local customers. Why is this important?

There are lots of jobs that allow you to work for yourself. Blogging is another one that springs to mind immediately for obvious reasons. But working as a blogger is a challenge. If you’re writing blogs, you’ll be hired as a freelancer, and the pay levels for this aren’t what you might expect them to be. If you work as a private blogger trying to boost your own blog up the ranks, then there’s another issue, and that’s the competition. You’ll be trying to get noticed in a sea of competition that is constantly expanding. Yes, there are successful blogs out there, but they are often the exception. Continue reading

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Tips On Looking Online For Your Next Job

The internet has provided us with many things over the years, but only over the past decade has it really come into its own in terms of helping those looking for jobs, as well as helping employers find the right person to fit the role. The only negative to is is that the job that you’re applying for is open to literally anybody that comes across it in some cases – so competition can be fierce. So how do we utilise it to our advantage and ensure that we are doing all that we can to put ourselves in prime position?


Educate Yourself

If a job is asking for a certain qualification, you don’t have to fret about going back to college or looking at university courses that are available near you – most of the time, there are online courses available for you to take advantage of. These mean that you are able to work from home in whatever subject you are interested in. A lot of the time, they are a lot cheaper than the fees that you would be paying should you be undertaking it at a college anyway. This means that they are extremely popular, and those who have created the courses have had to get qualified in what they’re doing as well as making them more informative over the years as the need has progressed. Whether it’s an online fitness instructor course or an accounting qualification that you are looking for, there will be something for you. Look at the time it takes to complete and factor that into your applications – think about when you will be applying. Continue reading

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Charisma Will Get You Further In Your Career Than Your Skillset

It’s likely you read that title and felt a sense of incredulity. Why on earth would charm be more important than your actual academic qualifications? Of course, this isn’t to override the fact that qualifications and a competent skills aren’t vastly important to getting your foot in the door. But if you don’t have the people skills to back up your competency, you won’t be getting very far in your career.

Fortunately, we are not beings of thought alone. We are emotional, social creatures, beings that respond to social connections with as much importance as we regard food and water. We work better with each other than alone, no matter how much of a ‘lone wolf’ you consider yourself in your corporate environment. Continue reading

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