StaffTRAK – HR Productivity Tool Suite


The StaffTRAK HR Productivity Tool Suite is a selection of downloadable HR- related, productivity tools, based in word or excel, primarily suited to micro-businesses of up to about 20 people, who aren’t ready to invest in subscription or proprietary software tools, that can cost over £200 a year, per tool.

There are 5 cost effective products in the StaffTRAK productivity suite, which are: time sheet, absence tracker, staff rota, recruitment tracker and a staff performance  appraisal kit.  They provide you with the core functionality you need to manage several essential HR tasks at a fraction of the price of HR software.


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Top 3 career areas in the plastic surgery industry

dreamstime_xs_24577407The cosmetic industry market in the UK is coming out of a rocky year with the number of treatments falling by 40%: this follows 10 years of continuous – and often impressive – growth. But while it may not seem like the best time to follow this career path, cosmetic surgery is still a huge market in the British economy and is now worth over £9,300 million.

As a pretty obvious consequence, there are still plenty of successful clinics and practitioners all around the country.  With increased competition and changing beauty trends, however, it is not always easy to see which career paths holds the most potential, especially in a long-term perspective. Continue reading

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5 top tips for establishing a successful and lucrative laboratory

dreamstime_xs_41253893Like many science graduates, you probably feel a bit lost as you leave university and venture out into the big, bad world of job interviews and starting salaries.

It’s no real surprise that, after years of studying and working your way through degrees, postgrads, research positions and a PhD, the freedom of being finished is a little frightening.

But there’s another option for future success that doesn’t involve competing against 200 other grads for one lowly, entry-level job.

You could follow the lead of the other young scientists who’re ignoring traditional career paths and instead launching their own startups within the flourishing laboratory testing services industry. In the US alone, it generated $18 billion in revenue last year. Continue reading

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Brexit: How Will It Affect Your Business?

dreamstime_xs_28645818The word on everyone’s lips and the focus of every news bulletin, Brexit.

Since February 2016, when former Prime Minister David Cameron announced the date of the EU referendum, Brexit has been talked, argued over and finally decided upon when the UK voted to leave the European Union on June 23rd 2016.

With Brexit fast becoming a reality, a date has been set for 29 March 2019 when we officially leave the EU. You might be wondering just how Brexit will affect you as an employer, including topics such as European employees, rights for workers and funding for businesses. Continue reading

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