StaffTRAK HR Dashboard: HR Database and Dashboard

Manage Your Employee Data Easily with This Downloadable, Excel Based HR Database and Dashboard.

If you have a small business of up to 50 employees, you can use this smart Excel template — loaded with time saving macros and formulas — to manage staff information and report on HR Key Performance Indicators.  It will give you an up-to-date view of your employee performance, attendance levels, average tenure and many other KPIs. 

  • Download immediately after purchase

  • Loaded with time-saving macros

  • Track all employees also

  • Data-packed Digital dashboard

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Dealing With The Dreaded R Word (Redundancies)

Redundancies are not something anyone with an SME likes to make. Not only do you have to give the boot to people, but it’s likely that you know them pretty well, or they are an integral member of a fairly small team. Making the whole process even more difficult. However, to help you get a grip on this tricky issue, there is some advice you can follow. Read on to find out what it is.

Use objective data to back up decisions

One thing that you never want to be is blindsided with when making redundancies is not having objective data to back up your claim. You may think that everyone is as fair and professional as you when making decisions about these things. But that isn’t necessarily the case. Continue reading

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Internet Lessons For The Uninitiated Business Person

Having a fantastic business idea doesn’t make you an internet whizz. Sadly, in the modern age, that’s a definite downfall. To even stand a chance, you need to understand web design, social media marketing, and everything between. If not, you could be kissing goodbye to that idea before you even get started.

Which is why many entrepreneurs have to return to the classroom when it comes to technology. The good news is, the internet provides most of the information you need to get started. But, basics aren’t going to cut it if you want to make a go of this. Which is why it may be worth looking into more extreme learning methods, like those mentioned below.

Join a class

Going back to the classroom may not have been what you had in mind when you set out on your own. But, taking the time to do this will make a huge difference to how far you take your enterprise. Of course, you’ll have a lot on your hands, so it’s worth finding an evening course you can do on the side. That way, you can get started as you’re learning. Continue reading

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Tips To Help You Cut Your Commute Costs

Are you looking for a means of lowering the cost of commuting to work in your car? Below are four ideas worth considering along with some money-saving tips for fuel consumption.

1. Parking

Parking comes at a fee, and that means your vehicle will need you to spend something and it is not moving. The parking fees can be an uncomfortable pinch in our wallet. So, you can opt to find a free parking spot closest to your place of work, park there and walk the rest of the way.

If your commute requires you to also travel by train, leaving your car at the train station may be costly. You should consider looking for a private drive that you can hire as a Continue reading

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