AssessTEAM: The Must-Have, Next Generation, Online Employee Evaluation Software Tool for Small Business

Last updated on January 5th, 2019 at 03:56 pm

assessteamThe whole world is moving towards big-data now; whether it’s big business or sports analysis, you won’t be taken seriously if your assertions aren’t backed up with Big Data. Being a more conservative profession, HR has lagged behind the technology and big data curve and has come under increasing pressure to become more data-orientated. CEOs are becoming impatient and studies show that 85% of business leaders believe that HR teams ‘fail to provide insightful analytics’. HR need to make more use of tools and technologies that not only automate processes, but which also provide powerful analytics to make an impact in the boardroom.

This is why I was drawn to the employee evaluation software tool called AssessTEAM, which I consider to be a next generation staff appraisal tool. Why?

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What Does it Take to Be a Great Event Planner

Being paid to organise parties and events might seem like a dream job, and in many ways it is. It’s a fast-paced industry where you get to meet lots of interesting people and no two days are the same. But not everybody is cut out to be a good event planner and some of the traits needed to be one can’t be bought. In this article, we’re going to give you some of the traits and qualities needed to be a great event planner.

Interpersonal skills

If you’re not a people person and have more of a reserved attitude, then this might not be the job for you. You’ll have to work with people from all walks of life, organise team members, and know how to listen and cater to your clients’ needs. You also need a positive disposition, know how to get people on board, and defuse conflicts between members of your team when needed. Continue reading

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The Difference Between Effective And Ineffective Team-Building

Effective and ineffective team-building can both happen depending where you send your staff to experience something like this. Some might argue that simply going for drinks can be a team building exercise, and while that’s true to an extent, it has little applicable value to your firm aside from being a fun memory, and a way to perhaps grow friendships between staff. Of course, this is good, so it mustn’t be discouraged providing everyone is in work the next day. However, investing in a team-building day for your staff can often be not only an expense paid, but lost productive time you might have had. Continue reading

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How to succeed as a freelance beauty therapist

When it comes to working as a freelancer, whether it be a freelance beauty therapist, personal trainer, writer, or even cleaner, the majority of your work is likely to be obtained via networking and referrals. With that being said, you should always focus on maintaining high standards and being as reliable as possible.

Practice makes perfect

If you are going to be a successful beauty therapist, freelance or otherwise, experience is going to be your best friend. Practice on your family and friends as this will help you to gain confidence whilst simultaneously developing your skills and talents. This will boost your portfolio and help you attract paying clients. Plus, you can guarantee the honest opinion of your relative or friend, and if something is to go wrong, it won’t be a complete disaster. Continue reading

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